Cordero DEGOLLaZine - Humor del Inframundo

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Para Aniflu Hunter.

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Aniflu dijo...

Pero quién es esa chica? Yo diría que tiene algo perverso, algo sucio e inhumano, quizás... quizás deberías invitarla a entrar.

Otra oportunidad... dijo...

Run down to the
right were the black crow flew

Hide under
the willow tree
sip on the falling dew

Think about
the time that’s past
and all that happened fast

A reason for
things you remember
is not a easy thing to render

Finding a resolution
Is a thing that must be done
Making sense, of an awful offense
Is a job hard to be done

Meaning to the life you live
avoid the easy way and don’t go wrong.
Efforts and suffering, make it right and also long